Faces of Tourism Story


Hilton Garden Inn (Carmel)

“Teachers” and “veterinarians” persist as answers kids propose when asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" But for me, childhood and career-driven daydreams included lobbies and suitcases rather than classrooms and ailing animals.

As a kid, I traveled frequently with my family. I have wanted to work in a hotel since I was ten years old.

Now, with almost twenty years of experience in hospitality as general manager of the Carmel Hilton Garden Inn, I am well versed on the importance of tourism to the hospitality industry and beyond.

I believe tourism is the only reason we exist. Events and attractions bring people to the city, which breathes life into areas that wouldn’t be known otherwise. As a hotel, we get to be a very personal part of a traveler’s experience. We build loyalty with our guests through excellent service.