Faces of Tourism Story


LST Memorial 325 (Evansville)

After moving to Evansville from Richmond, Kentucky, at age 22, I became a volunteer on the LST 325 three years ago. 

Always an avid historian, I became interested in this ship as a student at the University of Evansville. After graduation, I returned to Evansville to meet with an LST 325 committee person who remarked they were in need of an archivist. Within a week, I moved to Evansville and signed up as a volunteer.

I enjoy the reaction of younger people when they tour the ship and learn the function the LSTs served in WWII the most as I volunteer. As they view the living conditions inside the ship and hear the stories told by veterans who served on an LST, they come to appreciate the sacrifice the men endured for our freedom. I want to preserve this living memorial so the story can be told for generations to come. Veterans who haven’t been on an LST since they served on one in WWII or Korea have a powerful response when they board the ship. Their recollection of their time in the service is both emotional and uplifting.