Faces of Tourism Story

Adam and Rebecca

Antiqology (Huntington)

​After spending several years as owners of an online retail and distribution business, Rebecca and I began to feel a pull toward a brick and mortar, or as we say "flesh and bone," style of business. We were looking for a business opportunity that would allow us to connect with our community, renew a sense of hometown pride in others and, if possible, be a part of the revitalization of our downtown district. Starting small, we quickly connected with other Downtown Business Owners and our visitor bureau who believed in our vision and concept for a unique, inviting, destination type of business and who invested in us to make our vision possible. We rapidly saw our customer base growing far beyond our local community. Consistently, we see patrons from up to three hours away, and others from even further. Tourists, visitors and wanderers alike find enjoyment in the destination we have created and are happy to hear from us about other great places they should patronize. 
Tourism is important to our small business because it brings people into our community, shoppers into our stores and funds into our economy.