Faces of Tourism Story


Beasley's Orchard and Gardens (Danville)

Our family has been actively involved in tourism for more than four decades. There are many places in the world unable to grow apples. The visitors we’ve had over the years from those locations have left a long-lasting impression on us. To witness someone seeing a tree laden with luscious fruit for the very first time is unforgettable! We also enjoy seeing our regular visitors, who simply delight in the sights and flavors of being present on an active fruit and vegetable farm.

Fall is our busiest time here and at the peak of harvest, the aromas of apples and cider fill the air. There is just something about an Indiana apple orchard in the fall that creates a time and place like no other.

Being able to connect with others is what we enjoy the most. The fact that all of this occurs during the beauty of an Indiana Autumn, makes it magical.