Faces of Tourism Story

Chef Alexa and Samantha

240sweet (Columbus)

In the beginning, we didn’t expect to welcome guests from across the globe to taste and learn about 240Sweet gourmet marshmallows. Originally tucked in the back of a parking lot, our kitchen lacked a sign to guide new friends to us. The curious and already addicted fans started showing up after reading about us in magazines and seeing us on television, toasting puffs. Pretty soon, we realized that we needed a better place to welcome them and moved to our current location.

Our favorite part of the day is when we can take our turns to interact with visitors. We offer everyone who walks through the door a free sample. When people bite into our puffs for the first time, the happiness on their faces makes all of the hard work worth it. We invite them to put pins in our world map and peer through the windows to see the team in production of making one of our 200 flavors (ranging from Salty Caramel Swirl to Dill Pickle). Until they meet us, most people don’t realize that marshmallows can be hand crafted. Once visitors experience tasting an artisan puff, they’re hooked on the deliciousness.

Recently, we began offering our marshmallow-making classes and welcoming tour groups again. It’s fun for everyone at 240sweet to introduce attendees to the art of making marshmallows. All of us like to indulge in the warm marshmallow goo fresh from the mixer and enjoy it with new friends.

Life is sweet.