Colts Camp

Indianapolis, Indiana


Thu/20- Thu/20 August
Building and Maintaining an Intentional Culture
Conference Call

The pandemic has taught us to get used to uncertainty. We’ve weathered this storm in our families, our organizations, and our communities for 4+ months now. The fatigue and lack of clarity our teams are feeling is something we might not be able to entirely fix. But what can we do, as leaders?

July and August are the months that many businesses are re-opening their doors—at full or partial capacity – and we’ve talked with many leaders about how they can “go back better” by focusing on organizational culture. In this roundtable, facilitated by ADVISA Leadership Consultant Kye Hawkins, learn what we mean by Intentional Culture and learn the “4D Process” for building one. Talk with other leaders about how their unique organizational values and “success behaviors” uphold their culture and act as a catalyst for productivity, even amidst uncertainty and change. How might we continue to weather this storm by anchoring to our intentional cultures?

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